Transient Killer Whales/ Harbor Porpoise Drama!

We watched a very dramatic killer whale vs harbor porpoise hunt on our 2:30 trip from Edmonds today. Shortly after leaving the dock we spotted a pod of transient killer whales (Including T37, the T34 pod, and the T37B pod) just outside Useless Bay, on Whidbey Island. Within about 15 minutes of arriving the pod started chasing a harbor porpoise. … Read More

Humpback Fireworks on the 4th of July!

On July 4th the Humpback known as Mathematician (BCY0785) gave us some great fireworks before the sun even had a chance to go down.  He was swimming by himself just northwest of Dungeness Spit and he got pretty spirited as a cruise shipped passed by in the distance.  He breached 6-7 times and slapped his pectoral fins on the surface … Read More

Yet Another New Calf for the Transients

Meet yet another new transient killer whale calf! On our afternoon trip from Edmonds, July 1, we spotted a new calf swimming with T37, the T37B pod, and the T34 pod. We don’t know who the mother is yet because we saw the little one swimming around with several family members during our encounter with them. This calf was first … Read More

Breaching Bigg’s Orcas!

We’ve had so much fun with the T37 pod of Bigg’s orcas recently. On July 1, 2019, PSE Captain Brian McGinn captured some video of the T37s breaching up a storm near McArthur Bank.

T37A Pod has a New Calf!

Meet the newest member of the T37A pod! At only months old, presumably this is T37A5 as he/she has been swimming right next to T37A most of the time. We saw this family on many of our trips June 30, near Victoria, BC.   The transient killer whales are doing very well right now with lots of new calves born and … Read More

Sometimes the Prey Gets Away!

On June 20 we found the T124A pod near Whale Rocks at Cattle Pass from our Edmonds trip on the MV Saratoga. Shortly after arriving the pod went on the hunt, chasing a big Steller sea lion! The orcas slashed and lunged at the sea lion in a flurry of activity, and before too long they had the poor Steller … Read More