Lots of Whales and Wildlife Out There

We’ve been seeing 4 species of whales in recent days! The T65A pod and T137 pod orcas have been traveling together in and out of Puget Sound, There are still some gray whales around, and we’ve seen humpbacks and minkes too! There have also been lots of eagles, puffins, and seals out there. Here are some photos from recent trips. … Read More

T46 Pod Wows us During Porpoise Hunt

We sure had a fantastic experience with the T46 pod in Puget Sound yesterday!  We watched the pod swimming at a slow and steady pace for a while as they spread out across the water looking for prey.  Suddenly T46E, a huge 17 year old male, came flying out of the water in the opposite direction from his family!  That … Read More

T37A pod Porpoise Hunt

On July 11 we witnessed the T37A pod attack a pod of harbor porpoise just north of Greenbank on the eastern side of Whidbey Island. The hunt started out like many other killer whale hunts do with the black and white predators spreading out and swimming very stealthily along. We could see a pod of harbor porpoise surfacing about a … Read More

Update on Health & Safety Measures

From all of us here at Puget Sound Express, thank you for visiting our website and sharing your interest for the wildlife that call this area home. We are open and resuming whale watching tours. We feel the positive energy customers have shared with us in their eagerness to join us again and thank you for your continued support! This … Read More

Great Whales in December

Whale watching isn’t just a summertime thing anymore.  We can see whales throughout the whole year now.  December has been great to us again this year, and ironically the hot spots this month have been either really close to home (Puget Sound) or way out near Victoria, in Canada.  Orcas and humpback whales have been most common lately but we … Read More

Looking into the Eye and the Mouth of the Whale

We have been seeing a lot of a young humpback whale (1 1/2 year old) that has been hanging around near Edmonds this fall.  On one recent occasion we watch this whale lunge feed at the surface about 30 times in a row!  On many of these lunges you could see right into the mouth and eyes of the whale!  … Read More