There are at least 9 gray whales confirmed to have returned to Puget Sound so far this year and more should be arriving in the next few weeks!  This week has been a good one for new arrivals including our boats documenting the first sightings of the year for CRC-2249 (Hattie), and CRC-2259 on March 13, and CRC-2356 (Stalwart) on March 11.  The gray whales that have returned thus far are CRC-22 (Earhart), CRC-53 (Little Patch), CRC-56 (Stardust) , CRC-383 (Cascade) , CRC-2246 , CRC-2249 (Hattie), CRC-2259, and CRC-2356 (Stalwart), and CRC-2441.  There could be more out there and with each trip we look forward to the possibility of welcoming any returning “Sounders” that might be back.  Photographer/ Naturalist Bart Rulon