Sept 27 Phone Challenges

FYI – our phone provider is currently having technical challenges that might make it difficult for you to reach our office. If you have questions or need assistance, please message us on Facebook, or email the office at Apologies for the inconvenience!

Lots of Action to Start Summer

We’ve had a very busy spring and summer this year with lots of people wanting to get out of the house and into some whale watching.  The whales have been fantastic too.  It has been a record year for Bigg’s killer whale sightings, especially in Puget Sound.  Many families have been circling around in our neck of the Salish Sea … Read More

30 Minute Killer Whale/Harbor Porpoise Hunt

Today we watched an epic killer whale/harbor porpoise drama!  The T65A pod, T77, and T77E chased one harbor porpoise for a half an hour at the north end of Camano Island tonight.  The hunt finally ended up in a meal for the killer whales, but that harbor porpoise put up an Olympic style effort to get away!  This is one … Read More

16 Gray Whales for 2021, including a New One

We’ve Certainly had a banner gray whale watching season this year with higher than average numbers of gray whales.  So far we’ve had at least 16 individual gray whales visit us this spring.  In a normal year we will have around 10 regular visitors.  So far in 2021 we have seen gray whales with Cascadia Research collective ID numbers 21, … Read More

Killer Whales Playing Football with their Food

     We often tell passengers that you never know when one of those National Geographic moments might happen. April 9 we had one of those extraordinary moments just outside of Edmonds. The day started out with lots of promise when Captain Trevor spotted transient killer whales circling around at Possession Point about an hour before our trip even started. … Read More

A Great Start to Gray Whale Season

We sure had a great opening month for whale watching this year.  We’ve had higher than normal numbers of gray whales returning so far and we’ve been blessed with a fair share of orca sightings too!  So far we’ve seen 13 different gray whales on our trips including CRC 21, 44, 53, 56, 185, 383, 531, 723, 2249, 2255, 2259, … Read More