2018 ‘Taste of Northwest’ Culinary Cruises Announced

If you love food, love travel, and want to explore Olympic Coastal Cuisine, don’t miss our 2018 “Taste of Northwest” 3-day Culinary Cruises! Explore the Salish Sea through the eyes of a chef.  Experience the bounty of Olympic Coast Cuisine with Chef Diane LaVonne and Puget Sound Express on a 3-day culinary tour of Washington’s Salish Sea. Our 2018 dates … Read More

Reservations Now Open for 2018 Gray Whale Tours

It’s just about time for Gray Whale season! We’re using January and February to spruce up and maintain our whale watching boats – but once March arrives, we’ll be heading out for guaranteed gray whale watching tours in both Edmonds and Port Townsend. 2018 Gray Whale Tours will run March 10-April 26. Tours departing from Port Townsend begin at 10am, … Read More

November Great So Far For Seeing Southern Residents

November 2017  has really seemed to be the best month so far this year to see our endangered Southern Resident orcas. They’ve been in feasting on chum salmon in the Salish Sea – around San Juan Island, near Canada, and even in Puget Sound. The chum run has been stronger this year than the chinook run.  We are grateful and … Read More

SRKW K-22 Sekiu Eating Salmon

We’ve enjoyed spending time this fall with members of our Southern Resident Killer Whales! Here, 30 year-old mother of one, K22-Sekiu, is seen as she surfaced and approached us with a chum salmon in her mouth on November 18, 2017 in Puget Sound.

November 8 K-Pod & L-Pod Encounter

We had a great fall whale watching tour on the Chilkat Express on November 8, 2017. We encountered all of K Pod and part of L Pod (the L54s) south of Seattle traveling in a resting line. Later, we also encountered the T137s as they hunted and fed! Saw a nice big spyhop from the bull, T137A! Video by PSE … Read More

T87 and T100B Pod Playtime

Over the last two weeks we have seen a lot of the T100B pod traveling with T87 in Puget Sound.  These 4 killer whales have been traveling back and forth daily and seem to be finding lots of food to eat along the way.  Here are some photographs from one of the most active encounters we’ve had with them on … Read More