June 15, 2019: 3rd Annual Port Townsend Orca & Salmon Festival

Come to Fort Worden on June 15, 2019 to celebrate the iconic species of the Salish Sea, Orca & Salmon! The 3rd annual Port Townsend Orca & Salmon Festival takes place from 11am-3pm at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, where we will officially kick off Summer with an orca and salmon-focused Beach Party! Free Admission to the Port Townsend … Read More

May 25 Encounter with T101 Bigg’s Orcas & Dead Gray Whale

Trip Report and Photos provided by Photographer/PSE Naturalist Bart Rulon. On May 25, 2019, whale watching vessels from Puget Sound Express came across the T101 pod just west of Cultus Bay, south Whidbey Island. This is a unique Bigg’s orca (or transient) pod comprised of 4 transient killer whales, including a Mother, T101, and her three big adult male sons, … Read More

May Brings Lots of Variety

May has been a month full of wildlife variety!  The gray whales have continued to stay in our area a bit longer than usual, and we are seeing a bunch of new gray whales in the Salish Sea this year too.  Killer whales, especially the transient variety, continue to come and go on a daily basis.  Humpback whales started arriving … Read More


Humpback “Slate” Has a Calf in 2019

We’ve enjoyed spending time recently with Humpback BCX1210 ‘Slate’ this spring. This year Slate has returned to the Salish Sea with a calf. Here, PSE crew member Francoise Marmillion captured a video of Slate and her calf just south of Java Rock on May 22, rolling and acting playful.


T65A Bigg’s Orca Encounter with Harbor Porpoise

Passengers recently witnessed a vivid demonstration of Bigg’s orcas role as an apex predator! Puget Sound Express naturalist Justine Buckmaster captured photos of the T65A family hunting a harbor porpoise in Puget Sound. They went from traveling peacefully to ramming the unsuspecting creature in mere seconds! Their feast lasted just minutes as well, before continuing south. Customer Kessie Tims happened … Read More

scratchy the humpback

Abundant Whales and Wildlife in the Salish Sea

As spring gives way to summer, crew and passengers are reveling in the abundance of whales and wildlife we are seeing in the Salish Sea. An illustration: on our May 18th whale watching cruise aboard Glacier Spirit, volunteer naturalist Jill Hein reports: “From the west side of Whidbey Island to the west side of Smith Island, we found a gray … Read More