Update on Health & Safety Measures

From all of us here at Puget Sound Express, thank you for visiting our website and sharing your interest for the wildlife that call this area home. We are open and resuming whale watching tours. We feel the positive energy customers have shared with us in their eagerness to join us again and thank you for your continued support! This … Read More

Great Whales in December

Whale watching isn’t just a summertime thing anymore.  We can see whales throughout the whole year now.  December has been great to us again this year, and ironically the hot spots this month have been either really close to home (Puget Sound) or way out near Victoria, in Canada.  Orcas and humpback whales have been most common lately but we … Read More

Looking into the Eye and the Mouth of the Whale

We have been seeing a lot of a young humpback whale (1 1/2 year old) that has been hanging around near Edmonds this fall.  On one recent occasion we watch this whale lunge feed at the surface about 30 times in a row!  On many of these lunges you could see right into the mouth and eyes of the whale!  … Read More

New 2019 Sighting of Rare Fin Whale in Salish Sea!

Passengers and crew onboard the Puget Sound Express whale watching vessel MV Glacier Spirit witnessed a rare whale sighting on Monday, September 9, 2019 in the Salish Sea, with the appearance of the second largest whale species on earth – the fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus). The encounter occurred southwest of Dungeness Spit near Sequim, WA. The sighting of the fin … Read More

Lunge Feeding Humpback Whale

For over a week we watched a humpback whale lingering around the south end of Lopez Island on many of our trips from Edmonds and Port Townsend. This whale (temporary ID mmx6) was keen to lunge feed on bait fish congregating near the surface in this location. Here are a few pictures showing the lunge feeding in action, and you … Read More

Sometimes the Minke Whales Steal the Show!!

Sometimes minke whales steal the show from the orcas! On this particular day late last month we saw J-pod orcas off the west side of San Juan Island, but multiple minke whales put on an amazing show out at Hein Bank by lunge feeding at the surface.  We know everyone wants to see orcas but sometimes other species can be … Read More