We Aren't as Close as it Appears from Shore



Puget Sound Express is a proud member of the Pacific Whale Watch Association (PWWA), dedicated to responsible, sustainable marine wildlife viewing and conservation in the Pacific Northwest. State and Federal laws are clear about the distances we must maintain while under power – and we wholeheartedly support and steadfastly adhere to those distances. We utilize a range of techniques to ensure we are at an appropriate distance, including radar, and rangefinders.

Occasionally, we receive phone calls from folks onshore who are concerned that we appear to be too close to the whales we visit.

This video illustrates how the appearance from shore can be quite deceiving. The still photo in this video was a photo sent to us from a concerned observer located onshore. We take these reports seriously and contacted our captain – who then took a video to demonstrate that he was not, in fact, as close to the ferry (and the whales nearby) as it appeared. You will probably be surprised just how far away we were!