Transient Orcas Are Everywhere!

There have been so many transient killer whales in Puget Sound this past week that we have had a hard time keeping track of who is where and when! We’ve seen the T101s, T36 with the T36Bs and T37A1, T65As, T137s and T99s, just to name a few. Here are a few selections. Photos by Renee Beitzel.

Transient Superpod Continued – Hunting Common Murres!!

We encountered the transient superpod again off Possession Point on our afternoon trip for Chilkat Express on September 5.  They were very spread out this time, but it didn’t take long before things got really exciting.  The T137s, T99s, T36Bs, T36, and T37A1 were aiming southward toward Kingston and Edmonds when all of a sudden they turned around and started … Read More

Transient Superpod Swims into Puget Sound!

September 5 2017 was a very memorable day for our passengers with Puget Sound Express!  A transient superpod swam into Puget Sound from Admiralty Inlet!  The pods included the T137s, T36Bs, T99s, T36, and T37A1!  They were grouped up together very tightly, as if they were sleeping, to start things off.  After about 20 minutes we noticed a nuclear submarine … Read More

T137A Breaches During Harbor Seal Chase!

During our encounter with the T137 pod near the northeast side of Whidbey Island on Sept 2 the transient killer whales started hunting a harbor seal.  T137A, a 15 year old male, breached 4 times in a row during the drama!  Recently he has been breaching multiple times in a row during hunting episodes!  He’s becoming my new favorite killer … Read More

Transient Killer Whales Dominate in 2017

August was a great month for transient killer whales sightings.  This year we have seen the Transient, marine mammal eating, killer whales (Bigg’s killer whales) much more than our resident, fish eating, pods.  2017 has been the most drastic shift in how often we see each of the two ecotypes!  It used to be that we rarely ever saw transients, … Read More

Humpback ‘Two Spot’ Near Edmonds

On August 22, 2017, the humpback whale known as ‘Two Spot’ started out the day leisurely feeding just north of Port Townsend. By the afternoon, however, she was full of energy, and gave our afternoon passengers quite a show. Five minutes off the Edmonds dock, passengers spotted a her doing wide circles between Possession, Point No Point and Edmonds. Two … Read More