An Incredible Start to the 2016 Whale Watching Season

It’s only the beginning of May but the Salish Sea is a happenin’ place to be! From gray whales and sea lions to tufted puffins, minke, humpback and killer whales, it shows no signs of stopping.

Two days ago, the whales took us north into Haro Strait, which runs between the west side of San Juan Island and southern tip of Vancouver Island. It was there that we found two humpbacks as well as a small group of transient orcas, known as the T19’s, as well as T18, a female who travels with them.

T19C with his mom T19
T19C with his mom T19
T19C and a humpback in the background
T19C and a humpback in the background

Amazing Humpback Whale Displays

“High energy” does not even describe our recent encounters with a well known humpback mom and calf pair! Affectionately known as “Big Mama”, this humpback whale has brought yet another calf into the world, and the pair are putting on quite a show. We’re seeing humpbacks right now on both our Seattle Whale Watching tour, as well as our 4 Hour Port Townsend Whale Watching tour.

New calf of Big Mama
New calf of Big Mama (photo by customer Rory McDonald)
Big Mama
Big Mama

Amazing Transient Orca Encounter


A few days ago we just happened to be in the right place at the right time and had an incredible orca encounter when 3 different groups of transients decided they were going to have a party at the north end of Admiralty Inlet!

Here is a a great shot of one of them breaching off the bow of Glacier Spirit. Photo credit to naturalist/photographer- Heather MacIntyre.

Gray Whale Flash Sale!


The end of gray whale season is upon us. To celebrate, we’re giving 50% off our gray whale watching tours in both Port Townsend and Edmonds this weekend. Book a gray whale watching tour Friday, Saturday and Sunday (April 22-24, 2016)  and enter code FINALGRAYS at check out. Join us this weekend and help us say goodbye to the grays!