Gray Whale #723 Lucyfer Returns!

The gray whales mixed it up a bit on Monday and we were able to spend time with #44 Dubnuck and #56 (yet to be named) and #723 Lucyfer. This was one of our first sightings of 723 this year – we were a bit worried by his absence in 2017, since he stayed in the area until November of … Read More

Just Announced: 3-Day Taste of NW Culinary Cruise

Puget Sound Express is delighted to announce that reservations are open for an exciting new multi-day cruise, departing from Edmonds. Explore the Salish Sea through the eyes of a chef.  Experience the bounty of Olympic Coast Cuisine with Chef Diane LaVonne and Puget Sound Express on a 3-day culinary tour of Washington’s Salish Sea.  Spend days onboard the comfortable, spacious … Read More

The Hanke Family

Make Your Voice Heard On Boating Ban

Puget Sound Express would like to request that you join our family in OPPOSING the petition sent to NOAA by the wealthy residents on the West side of San Juan Island to block boats under the guise of a ‘whale protection zone.’ It is our belief that this effort is solely committed to damaging the whale watching community for the purpose … Read More

Gray Whale 383 Stealing the Show in Puget Sound

So far in 2017, we’re having a lot of fun on our Gray Whale Watching tours hanging out with gray whale #383. In general, gray whales aren’t quite as showy as humpbacks and orcas, but 383 is giving them a run for their money this year. Loads of fun…

More Gray Whales Have Arrived!

Our “Saratoga Grays” have been keeping us on our toes in 2017! We started out the season with 2 migrating gray whales, but as of the end of Marchs, we are now up to 6, with more on the way. So far we have seen #49 Patch, #53 Little Patch, #56, #44 Dubknuck, and now #22. Doesn’t #22 have the … Read More

gray whale patch

Puget Sound Express Talks Gray Whales on KING 5

Sarah Hanke from Puget Sound Express joined KING 5 last weekend to talk about the return of gray whales to Puget Sound. Learn more about the whales from Sarah and then be sure to book your ticket to go on one of our gray whale watching tours!