We watched a very dramatic killer whale vs harbor porpoise hunt on our 2:30 trip from Edmonds today. Shortly after leaving the dock we spotted a pod of transient killer whales (Including T37, the T34 pod, and the T37B pod) just outside Useless Bay, on Whidbey Island. Within about 15 minutes of arriving the pod started chasing a harbor porpoise. The porpoise zigged and zagged at the surface as pod members, led by T37, lunged and chased after it in a chaotic frenzy . The most exciting moment came when T37 (a mom and grandma) exploded out of the water launching the porpoise high into the air ahead of her! The porpoise landed and, somehow, kept swimming until it finally got caught a few minutes later by T37 . The rest of the pod joined in on the meal afterward in true transient fashion. This family pod sure has been giving us lots of great action this year so far! Naturalist/Photographer Bart Rulon