Amazing Photo of Sea Lion Vs. Octopus

We always are in awe of nature. But on May 15, 2012, our whale watching tour glimpsed something quite stunning: a sea lion pursuing and playing with an octopus. Nature truly is wild, and we got a window into that in this encounter. Deep gratitude to customer Ryan Zondervan for sharing this amazing photo.

Customer Whale Watching Photos

Customers from our whale watching tours have been taking some great photos lately and sharing them with us on our Facebook page. Sarina Kepsel and Lori Worth Shouldis-Hasz both took some exciting shots of orcas breaching. Our trips are in full swing and our family would love to take you (and your cameras!) out for a cruise. Reserve your trip online, … Read More

Customers Enjoy Port Townsend to San Juan Island Tour

If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to travel with Puget Sound Express from Port Townsend to San Juan Island (Friday Harbor), we encourage you to read a terrific, comprehensive trip report from The Bluebirds and Butterflies blog. Getting Ready to Hop on the Glacier Spirit This fun-loving family took the Glacier Spirit from Port Townsend to Friday Harbor … Read More

2010 Summer Whale Watching Wrapping Up

This is the final week for regularly-scheduled ferry service between Port Townsend and Friday Harbor/San Juan Island. From here on out, the weather gets just a bit too frosty for most folks, and so we focus our energy on special tours and charters. This final week is usually a great week, however, and our look at the forecast confirms that … Read More

Last Week for 4-Hour Whale Watching

It has been a great summer for whale watching in Port Townsend. As the summer winds down and students head back to school, we are also making some changes to our sailing schedule. Our guaranteed 4-Hour Whale Watching Tour will run until September 6, 2010 (returning again in late spring 2011). After the 6th, our primary run will be the … Read More