T65A with her new calf T65A6

On our first day after gray whale season ended, April 27, Chilkat Express ventured deep into Hood Canal to find the T65A pod.  We searched long and hard but finally spotted them deep in Dabob Bay.  When we arrived they were eating a meal and they were celebrating at the same time.  This was our first opportunity to see T65As newest calf, T65A6.  This succesful family includes 6 orcas now, and they are one of the pods that we see the most of in the Salish Sea, and Puget Sound.  Before we ventured down to find them, they had been spotted going up and down Hood Canal for about a week by whale watchers from land.  We are one of the few whale watching companies that has the ability to venture into Hood Canal to see whales!  We hope they stay a while.  Enjoy some pictures of this tiny new calf that is only weeks old!  Naturalist Bart Rulon 

Little T65A6 surfaces next to older siblings during a hunt on April 27