June (Orca Awareness Month) was a great month for whale watching in the Salish Sea not only for orcas but for other species as well. We continued to have great sightings of multiple Bigg’s killer whale pods throughout the month including some days with several pods mingling around in different parts of the Salish Sea. Humpback whales made their presence known as many of them returned to our area for the summer on their spring migration, including Big Mama (one of our favorites) accompanied by another calf. Some of the new gray whales that showed up this year for the first time and were assigned ID numbers by Cascadia Research Collective have also stayed past the time when our regular Sounders usually leave. CRC2445, 2440, and 2441 have been a few that are making an extended stay here this year. Minke whales are common this time of the year and we have been seeing them on Partridge Bank, and Eastern Bank especially. Enjoy some photos from our trips this month.