May has been a month full of wildlife variety!  The gray whales have continued to stay in our area a bit longer than usual, and we are seeing a bunch of new gray whales in the Salish Sea this year too.  Killer whales, especially the transient variety, continue to come and go on a daily basis.  Humpback whales started arriving a few weeks ago, adding to our variety, and minke whales have been consistent all month long.  We have also been seeing Steller sea lions, tufted puffins, harbor seals, bald eagles, harbor porpoise, and a variety of sea birds on many of our trips.  Here is a selection of photos from some  of our recent trips this spring for you to enjoy.  Naturalist Bart Rulon

T65A2 Spyhops

We have been seeing lots of tufted puffins lately

Steller sea lions have a conversation about life

T65A5 comes out of the water while the family shares a meal