Whale watching isn’t just a summertime thing anymore.  We can see whales throughout the whole year now.  December has been great to us again this year, and ironically the hot spots this month have been either really close to home (Puget Sound) or way out near Victoria, in Canada.  Orcas and humpback whales have been most common lately but we also spotted our first gray whale of the winter on December 29.  There were even orcas in Puget Sound on Christmas day believe it or not.  I’ve added a collection of photographs from some of our trips this December so you can have a look at what we’ve been seeing.  Happy New Year everyone!  Photographer/Naturalist Bart Rulon

Our beloved “Two Spot” plays around near another humpback whale

A great view right from our dock!

Mayhem as transient killer whales attack a Steller sea lion.

Gray Whale CRC2246 appears to be the first gray whale to return to Puget Sound this winter! We spotted him/her on December 29

T137A is looking healthy again after an unusual injury to his caudal peduncle slowed him down quite a bit earlier in 2019

T137A surfaces right in front of Mount Baker on our December 29 trip.

Two Spot shows his flukes which make him one of the easiest humpback whales to identify.

The scenery was amazing on this cold December day with Transient killer whales on the north end of the San Juan Islands.