Today we watched an epic killer whale/harbor porpoise drama!  The T65A pod, T77, and T77E chased one harbor porpoise for a half an hour at the north end of Camano Island tonight.  The hunt finally ended up in a meal for the killer whales, but that harbor porpoise put up an Olympic style effort to get away!  This is one of the longest porpoise hunts we’ve ever witnessed.  There were so many times when we thought she was caught, but somehow she managed to escape and keep swimming away!   Even after she ended up in the mouths of some of the killer whales she still manage to escape at least 3-4 times before the final capture.  Both of our afternoon trips from Edmonds and Port Townsend got to watch this whole drama unfold from the beginning to the end.  Amazing!  Enjoy the pictures and look for the porpoise hidden in many of them.  Photographer/Naturalist, Bart Rulon