10 Gray Whale “Sounders” have returned to Puget Sound as of today! We’ve been able to document many of the first sightings of the year for our Sounders as they return to us from their northward migration from Baja California, Mexico over the last couple of weeks! The gray whales that are confirmed so far include CRC 22 (Earhart), 53 (Little Patch), 56, 185, 383, 531, 2249, 2259, 2440, and 2441. There will likely be at least a few more that join this group of 10 this spring, and it’s always possible that there are a few more here right now that we haven’t spotted yet. We’ve also had a few sightings of Bigg’s killer whales on some of our recent trips including the T46 pod, T124A2 pod, and T87! Enjoy some photos from the last week of whale watching adventures. Photographer/ Naturalist Bart Rulon