Not only are our vessels considered the finest in the fleet they are one the many reasons we have a very large and loyal repeat customer base.

When going whale watching the vessel of choice greatly affects your experience.  Our vessels offer inside seating for everyone so nobody has to sit outside.  We also travel faster than others, increasing our range and time with the whales while also getting you back in a timely manner.  Finally all of our vessels were designed as ocean going charter vessels, making them the most sea worthy while also incredibly comfortable.

Glacier SpiritGlacier Spirit

The Glacier Spirit is considered by many in the Pacific Northwest, the most beautiful and relaxing boats in the whale watch fleet.   Passengers love the comfortable inside seating, and the large viewing windows. There is a snack bar, a full certified galley, two restrooms, and an outside viewing deck around the entire cabin.  She is also equipped with fully modern navigation equipment and indoor and outdoor speakers.

One of the more interesting things that we have aboard is a hydrophone. This is an underwater microphone that hears the orca whales talking. We pipe this over the public address system so everyone can hear the chatter.   Glacier Spirit also has extra outside seats for those that want to venture outside, and we offer blankets for use free of charge. She is 72ft long, powered by twin Detroit Diesels rated at 730 horsepower.

Red HeadRed Head

The Red Head is the little sister of the Glacier Spirit.  She seats 40 quite comfortably, but is faster than the Glacier Spirit making it well suited for our 4 hour tours.  Red Head has all the amenities of Glacier Spirit including inside seating for everyone, large windows, full walk around deck, two restrooms, and a hydrophone.  She is 56ft long and has two large Lugger diesels allowing her to cruise quietly at over 19 knots.

Chilkat ExpressMV Chilkat

Ride the Chilkat, our high speed foilcat, at speeds over 40 mph to the San Juan Islands. This is the fastest whale watching boat in the Northwest.  This 63-seat “rocket ship” features comfortable seating, a smooth ride, and fore/aft outdoor viewing platforms. You’ll enjoy a snack bar, restroom, and a hydrophone that will allow you to hear orcas talking underwater. This is a special boat for a special tour!