Whales Love Cloudy Days

It is the first day of summer here in the Pacific Northwest – and overall, it has been a comparatively cool season so far (although the weather experts tell us the sun will start winning the marine battle very soon).

Today, for instance, it is somewhat cloudy and foggy. As humans, we are tempted to look at that and think – “hey, we won’t be able to see any whales if we go out in this, right?

Well, you would be wrong. Even on cloudy days, our visibility is more than sufficient to see whales and a lot of other wildlife on our whale watching tours. What is interesting is that it is often on the cloudy, foggy days that we have our best whale-watching sessions. We’re not sure what it is, but whales seem to love cloudy days.

This customer photo from ERJ17 illustrates what we mean. Even though the cloud deck is low, the orcas are out and about and putting on a great show for all of us. You can see more of ERJ17’s photos over on Flickr (and don’t forget to upload your own and tag them “psexpress” or “puget sound express”).

Orcas on a cloudy day - by ERJ17

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