Welcome Home, M.V. RED HEAD

Red Head

We’ve been in the whale watching business for nearly three decades. During that time, we’ve used a variety of boats to take folks whale watching in the San Juan Islands. However, one of our favorites was a nifty boat called the RED HEAD.

After some time away from Port Townsend in Alaska, it is our great pleasure to welcome the RED HEAD back home to Puget Sound Express for the 2014 whale watching season. Seating 40 comfortably, this great boat will serve as the new primary vessel for our 4-Hour whale watching tours, which begin on May 1 – and we’re also using it for our Gray Whale tours through the end of April. It is just about as fast as the boat we have been using, the Olympus, but it is much roomier and rides much more smoothly on the water. We know you’ll love it – and it will make the already fun 4 hour trips even that much better.

Pete, Christopher, Trevor, and Ashley sailed the RED HEAD down from Alaska, and we’ve spent the springtime getting her ready for you. (That trip was an adventure – be sure to ask about it on your next cruise!)

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