Welcome Erick Peirson

We would like to take a moment and welcome Erick Peirson to the blog.

If you’ve taken a ride with us in the last two years, it is very possible that Erick was your captain. He started out in whale watching in 2004 working as a naturalist, before heading to the captain’s chair in 2008. Fortunately for his passengers, he still narrates his trips!

Erick brings a wealth of information to the blog, as well as to his passengers. He has a B.S. in Biology from the University of Puget Sound, where his undergraduate thesis dealt with marine bioacoustics, specifically looking at how energy is distributed within certain types of vocalizations made by southern resident killer whales. His research was conducted from onboard Glacier Spirit and Olympus. He is currently pursuing PhD programs in the history and philosophy of biology.

Erick is deeply passionate about being on the water! He lives on a sailboat, was a coxswain for the Puget Sound varsity crew in college, and coaches rowers in Port Townsend in his free time. In fall of 2007 he sailed across the Atlantic on a 110′ two-masted schooner.

We hope you enjoy Erick’s perspectives as much as we do; he has some great posts coming up!

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