Upgrading Boats in 2017 For Your Comfort

During the winter, we update, refurbish and overhaul our boats to ensure that you, our customer, have the best experience possible whale watching in the Pacific Northwest.

As a reminder, Puget Sound Express operates 3 boats:

The past two years winters, we have been even busier than usual. All told, we’ve invested more than half a million dollars to ensure that you have the most outstanding experience possible.

All three boats have new interiors including new seats and carpets.

All three boats have had extensive work done on engines transmissions and propeller shafts. New shafts for Red Head, new shafts for Glacier Spirit, and extensive water jet and drive shaft update on all four propulsion units on the Chilkat Express.

Several other projects are still underway and will be ready for our 2017 whale watching season beginning in March:

  • New TV system on the Chilkat Express and Glacier Spirit.
  • Reworked loudspeaker systems on the Glacier Spirit and Red Head.
  • New septic system in the Chilkat Express
  • New glass in cabin of Glacier Spirit
  • New two part paint on the Glacier Spirit hull