Update on Health & Safety Measures

From all of us here at Puget Sound Express, thank you for visiting our website and sharing your interest for the wildlife that call this area home. We are open and resuming whale watching tours. We feel the positive energy customers have shared with us in their eagerness to join us again and thank you for your continued support! This lifts our spirits and encourages us to stay connected to the goal of serving you.

Reservations are available online at any time along with gift certificates. Sherri and Sarah (mom and daughter) are here over the phone or via e-mail to answer any questions you may have. 360-385-5288 or info@pugetsoundexpress.com.

As a third generation family business it is paramount to all of us that we get this right so that your journey is both memorable and safe. In order for that to happen we have created new measures on-board to help keep our community and guests healthy.

Social distancing & limited capacity provided on all our vessels.

This is a moving target per vessel and reservations as we plan to seat family’s together, couples together and so forth.

Deck space is still possible for every one and labeled appropriately.

Plexiglas separation

We have Plexiglas to help keep food & beverage safe from each guest along with our staff.


We require guests to utilize the hand sanitizer provided or gloves for all guests on-board.

Many guests bring their own gloves. We kindly ask for you to refrain from this as those gloves travel within your circle of life. Please use the tools we have provided so that everyone has the same foundation of hygiene on-board.


We require all guests to wear a mask. As a small business we are unable to provide them for each guests so ask you to bring your own.

Thank you again for your trust, support and desire to join us out on the water. We humbly respect your personal decision to join us and are eager to share this area and wildlife that call this place home.

The Hankes