Summer Whale Watching in Port Townsend

Summer has arrived in the Pacific Northwest, and customers of both our Port Townsend-Friday Harbor ferry, as well as our Four Hour Whale Watching Tour are enjoying some great weather as they encounter the abundant wildlife around the San Juan Islands. On a recent trip, our crew captured this video of some transient orcas (whales that are just passing through) … Read More

Transient Orcas at Lime Kiln

We recently encountered a pod of transient orcas outside the Lime Kiln area in the San Juan Islands. If you haven’t read Captain Erick Peirson’s post on a possible “transient invasion” it is definitely worth a read. Our crew captured a quick video of the orcas, and in that video, you can hear just how exciting it is for our … Read More

A “Transient” Invasion?

The last few days have been exciting and unpredictable: Exciting, because we’ve had some fantastic whale encounters; unpredictable, because those whales have been (largely) mammal-eating “transient” orcas! Most of our guests that have joined us in the summer months have become intimately familiar with the fish-eating “southern resident” community of killer whales, a large extended family that works our nearby … Read More

Transient Orcas Teach Young to Hunt

On a recent trip, our guests were able to witness something special. A group of transient orcas–these are whales that are not part of the resident J, K, and L pods–were spotted off of Point Partridge teaching young members of the pod to hunt sea lions. I recorded a podcast describing how this teaching occurs: Podcast: Transients Teach Young Orca … Read More