Amazing Photo of Sea Lion Vs. Octopus

We always are in awe of nature. But on May 15, 2012, our whale watching tour glimpsed something quite stunning: a sea lion pursuing and playing with an octopus. Nature truly is wild, and we got a window into that in this encounter. Deep gratitude to customer Ryan Zondervan for sharing this amazing photo.

Gray Whales Seen on All Trips from Port Townsend

During the month of March, PS Express saw gray whales on 100% of the trips and on one trip came across a group of transient orca.  In addition to gray whales we have also been seeing california and steller sea lions along the way.  The gray whale trips in Puget Sound will continue throughout the month of April.   See video of Steller sea … Read More

2010 Summer Whale Watching Wrapping Up

This is the final week for regularly-scheduled ferry service between Port Townsend and Friday Harbor/San Juan Island. From here on out, the weather gets just a bit too frosty for most folks, and so we focus our energy on special tours and charters. This final week is usually a great week, however, and our look at the forecast confirms that … Read More

Customer Photo: Steller Sea Lions

Puget Sound Express customer and Flickr user Graham Simons took a terrific photo of Steller Sea Lions on a recent whale watching trip with us. His set of photos from the tour also includes some great shots of gray whales. Way to go Graham! And remember, we love to see customer photos. You can email them to us, or just … Read More

Final Week of Gray Whale Tours

Wow. What a month! We have had a terrific time taking passengers around Puget Sound this past month to see gray whales, orcas, and the rest of the marine menagerie that make this waterway such a treasure. We are in our final week of gray whale cruises, so if you haven’t joined us yet, reserve your trip right away. Gloria, … Read More

Transient Orcas Teach Young to Hunt

On a recent trip, our guests were able to witness something special. A group of transient orcas–these are whales that are not part of the resident J, K, and L pods–were spotted off of Point Partridge teaching young members of the pod to hunt sea lions. I recorded a podcast describing how this teaching occurs: Podcast: Transients Teach Young Orca … Read More