Go See The Story of Hope at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center

In 2002, the body of a female killer whale was found stranded near Port Townsend on the North Olympic Peninsula. Just offshore, a healthy, young male hovered close by, refusing gentle attempts to guide him into safer deep water. Although the male orca was saved, it was soon learned that the female’s body carried one of the highest loads of … Read More

Fall Bird Migration Cruises October 6 & 13, 2012

Protection Island National Wildlife Refuge is home to breeding, nesting, and flyway populations of close to 100 marine bird species at different times of the year. Approximately 70 percent of the nesting seabirds in our inland waters nest here, including the largest nesting colony of rhinoceros auklets in the world. Join Puget Sound Express and the Port Townsend Marine Science Center … Read More

Eagles and Whales on June 23

The Port Townsend Marine Science Center is partnering with Puget Sound Express and other area businesses for a  “Freedom Weekend Package Getaway” for the whole family on June 23, 2012. At 2pm, you’ll have the opportunity to view a majestic bald eagle up close at a presentation given by Jeff Guidry at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center’s Natural History … Read More

Killer Whale Tales

Our education partners at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center are hosting a special event dealing with orcas on Saturday, August 7. Don’t miss Killer Whale Tales this Saturday– 2:30pm in the Natural History Exhibit Classroom. Talented story teller and orca researcher, Jeff Hogan has created a program in which participants experience the world as the animals around them do. … Read More

What Do Killer Whales Sound Like?

Listening to killer whales hunt and “chat” is fascinating. Both of our whale watching boats have onboard hydrophones that we use to listen in. If you aren’t on a boat, though, you can still listen to orcas as long as you are near a computer. Our friends at www.orcasound.net maintain a guide to some of the more popular live, fixed … Read More