A Trip Trifecta

Yesterday not only was a day of glorious sun out on the water, but we managed to pull off a trip trifecta of whale species! Captain Pete describes how each of our trips saw different species of whale – minkes, humpbacks, and orcas. Click to listen to the complete audio report.

What Do Killer Whales Sound Like?

Listening to killer whales hunt and “chat” is fascinating. Both of our whale watching boats have onboard hydrophones that we use to listen in. If you aren’t on a boat, though, you can still listen to orcas as long as you are near a computer. Our friends at www.orcasound.net maintain a guide to some of the more popular live, fixed … Read More

June is Orca Month

Did you know that June is Orca Month? As we celebrate orcas and their unique role in our area’s natural and cultural life, it is important to bear in mind the challenging and urgent issues affecting the health of their habitat – which is also home to many other creatures as well. Our education partners at the Port Townsend Marine … Read More