Final Week of Gray Whale Tours

Wow. What a month! We have had a terrific time taking passengers around Puget Sound this past month to see gray whales, orcas, and the rest of the marine menagerie that make this waterway such a treasure. We are in our final week of gray whale cruises, so if you haven’t joined us yet, reserve your trip right away. Gloria, … Read More

We Witness Gray Whale Encounter With Orcas

Yesterday was a big day on the water. Puget Sound Express passengers got to see a rare encounter between gray whales and orcas. Details of the encounter were shared by Kitsap Sun writer Christopher Dunagan, and photos were posted on Flickr by passenger Patrick Downs. Captain Erick Peirson was attempting to locate two adult gray whales traveling with a younger … Read More

New Baby Orca in J Pod

The Orca Network says a newborn killer whale has been spotted in J Pod, which was seen Wednesday in waters off the San Juan Islands and near Victoria. The Network’s Susan Berta says the calf has been given the designation J-46. Its presumed mother is a 16-year-old orca known as J-28 or Polaris. Another baby killer whale was reported last … Read More

Exploring Killer Whale Acoustics

Last week I had the pleasure of delivering the Tuesday lecture to the marine biology class at the University of Puget Sound. Every September Professor Joel Elliott brings his students up from Tacoma for an on-the-water field lab, but this was the first time I got to follow up with an in-class session. Although I got a bit carried away … Read More

PT Daily Photo: R is for Ruffles

One of our favorite reads is the Port Townsend Daily Photo blog. If you want to get a sense of how wonderful this part of the world is, make this blog part of your daily reading habit. We were pleased to learn that PTDP took a trip with us recently, and posted about his experience. As you would expect…the photo … Read More

Orcas Returning to Puget Sound

On Labor Day, we were pleased to see the J-Pod orcas back in Puget Sound – right off of Whidbey Island. Puget Sound waters were the historic feeding grounds for some of the resident pods. However, once orcas were routinely captured in the 1970s for aquariums, they stopped coming to Puget Sound. Only recently have they begun to test the … Read More