Great Customer Photo of Killer Whale

We love it when customers from our whale watching trips share photos with us.  Recent guest and Flickr user PTPerson1 tagged this photo from a recent cruise. It’s a great shot, and we thank you for sharing (and tagging photos on Flickr as “pugetsoundexpress”)!

Jack and Lori Share a Whale of a Tale

Puget Express customers Jack and Lori have posted a great description of their whale watching cruise from Port Townsend to Friday Harbor on their blog. In addition to seeing plenty of orcas on their trip (including Mega, the 32 year-old male from J-Pod), they had a great time in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, including going mopeding and hiking. … Read More

Summer Whale Watching in Port Townsend

Summer has arrived in the Pacific Northwest, and customers of both our Port Townsend-Friday Harbor ferry, as well as our Four Hour Whale Watching Tour are enjoying some great weather as they encounter the abundant wildlife around the San Juan Islands. On a recent trip, our crew captured this video of some transient orcas (whales that are just passing through) … Read More

Whales Love Cloudy Days

It is the first day of summer here in the Pacific Northwest – and overall, it has been a comparatively cool season so far (although the weather experts tell us the sun will start winning the marine battle very soon). Today, for instance, it is somewhat cloudy and foggy. As humans, we are tempted to look at that and think … Read More

Transient Orcas at Lime Kiln

We recently encountered a pod of transient orcas outside the Lime Kiln area in the San Juan Islands. If you haven’t read Captain Erick Peirson’s post on a possible “transient invasion” it is definitely worth a read. Our crew captured a quick video of the orcas, and in that video, you can hear just how exciting it is for our … Read More

A “Transient” Invasion?

The last few days have been exciting and unpredictable: Exciting, because we’ve had some fantastic whale encounters; unpredictable, because those whales have been (largely) mammal-eating “transient” orcas! Most of our guests that have joined us in the summer months have become intimately familiar with the fish-eating “southern resident” community of killer whales, a large extended family that works our nearby … Read More