July 20 Audio Report – Part 2: A Special Evening

Two audio reports in one day, for it was a special day out on the water. Captain Pete reports from the water, discussing 50 orcas eating, mating, and playing. He also talks about the work of Ken Balcomb, the director of the Center for Whale Research – who was alongside for the show.  Click to Listen to Audio Report

Ken Balcomb of Center for Whale Research

The boat on the right is operated by the Center for Whale Research which was created by Ken Balcomb, who is driving, and who for the last forty years has been leading the cause for Orca whale conservation here in the Pacific Northwest. He is also featured in our video talking about the killer whales. Sent from my iPhone

July 20 Audio Report – Listening For Whales

Captain Pete reports from the Olympus that son Christopher used his ears and hydrophones on Glacier Spirit to locate the J Pod orcas this morning. Listen to Pete’s report for the inside scoop on how whale watching happens on foggy mornings! Click to Listen to the Audio Report.

What Do Killer Whales Sound Like?

Listening to killer whales hunt and “chat” is fascinating. Both of our whale watching boats have onboard hydrophones that we use to listen in. If you aren’t on a boat, though, you can still listen to orcas as long as you are near a computer. Our friends at www.orcasound.net maintain a guide to some of the more popular live, fixed … Read More