PSE Lunchs Provided by The Courtyard Cafe


On our four hour cruises, we offer a range of scrumptious, homemade lunches from our friends at the Courtyard Cafe in Port Townsend. Will and Heidi are two of the nicest folks you’ll ever hope to meet, and their love of food makes their breakfasts and lunches a PSE crew favorite!

As a family business ourselves, we like partnering with the Coutyard, because they are a family business as well – literally – watch out for their 7 & 8 year old watching from the stairs or their 14 year old bussing tables on the weekend! Their motto is “Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends” We love it.

p.s. you can pick your lunches as you go through the check out process online. Turkey, Ham, Veggie – even PB&J for the kids!

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