Prepping the Boat

Hear we are starting 2009, which for us at PS Express is year twenty four. I thought it would be fun to show you the other side of what winter is like for us in ol’ Pac NW. One of the more common questions that I get asked during the summer months is, “what do you do during your time ‘OFF’ in the winter?” Now granted we do get to do some skiing and we might sneak away to Hawaii or someplace warm for awhile, but for most of the winter this is what it looks like –

Our most important job of the winter is retrofitting the boats for the next season. The Glacier Spirit gets about 1,000 hours of time put on her each summer while the Olympus get about 750 hours. If you think about it in comparison to your car, driving at 50 mph would put about 50,000 miles on your car in one year.

So for us the first step is pulling out the boat with the Travel Lift and placing it on the beach to be worked on.

Once this is done, we wash it down, paint it and get it all ready to be launched for another season. And lest someone feels left out – we all get in the program with the task of bringing them back for another year of service.

Once we get them all shined up and ready to go we will be looking forward to sharing with all of you another fun-filled year of orca whale watching in the Pacific Northwest.

And speaking of orca and orca whale watching, the other day we had all three pods come into the Puget Sound from the North. My wife and some friends were actually beach walking and were treated to their own exclusive show of spy hoping and breaching. Very exciting.

Spring is around the corner and the first cruise we will be offering is a three day cruise to the San Juan Islands. This trip is a narrated cruise through the San Juan Islands, with overnight accommodations at Roche Harbor on San Juan Island. If you have wanted to have a mini cruise vacation around the San Juan’s by boat this is what you are looking for. It is our third year of offering this trip and everyone that has taken it from the Olympic Peninsula has loved it. We will be departing Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula and traveling to the San Juan islands. That first day will be spent orca whale watching and traveling to Roche Harbor. The next will be spent touring the islands and spending some time ashore on one of the state park islands to the north where we will have lunch and enjoy the scenery. The last will be spent journeying through the Swimomish Channel and Deception Pass. For more information on this trip check out the Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society web site

In addition, the Port Townsend Marine Science Center will be offering spring bird migration trips to Protection Island. These are wonderful three hour adventures aboard the Glacier Spirit, to a wildlife sanctuary that hosts most of the aquatic bird species in the Puget Sound region. These trips are narrated by Roger Riesley, who provides a wonderful commentary on the birds that inhabit this island as well as the natural history of the area in general.

Our regular orca whale watching trips will begin April st so be sure to call early for space. In addition we will be adding a new link called ‘Hot Special.’ From time to time click on this link for current specials that PS Express is offering.

See you on the water!

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