Fall Bird Migration Cruises Start in October

The Port Townsend Marine Science Center (PTMSC) invites you to come and view the fall bird migration aboard Puget Sound Express’ Glacier Spirit, a comfortably enclosed motor yacht, beginning Saturday, October 3rd. The three-hour trips are scheduled from 1 – 4 p.m. on October 3rd, 10th, November 28th and December 31st departing from Point Hudson Marina in downtown Port Townsend. … Read More

PT Daily Photo: R is for Ruffles

One of our favorite reads is the Port Townsend Daily Photo blog. If you want to get a sense of how wonderful this part of the world is, make this blog part of your daily reading habit. We were pleased to learn that PTDP took a trip with us recently, and posted about his experience. As you would expect…the photo … Read More

Customers Having a Great Time

We love it when our customers write about their whale watching experiences with us. Ellie and Jim from Forks, WA recently posted a terrific blog entry about their recent trip on the Olympus. Despite some rough seas, they had a great time, and their post makes for a great read: “The whales stayed very close to the shore, swimming along … Read More

Orcas Returning to Puget Sound

On Labor Day, we were pleased to see the J-Pod orcas back in Puget Sound – right off of Whidbey Island. Puget Sound waters were the historic feeding grounds for some of the resident pods. However, once orcas were routinely captured in the 1970s for aquariums, they stopped coming to Puget Sound. Only recently have they begun to test the … Read More

Transient Orcas Teach Young to Hunt

On a recent trip, our guests were able to witness something special. A group of transient orcas–these are whales that are not part of the resident J, K, and L pods–were spotted off of Point Partridge teaching young members of the pod to hunt sea lions. I recorded a podcast describing how this teaching occurs: Podcast: Transients Teach Young Orca … Read More

Customer Photo: Blue Orca

While the orca might not be blue, the water sure was when A. Peth took this photo during one of our recent whale watching tours. In this photo you can really see the unique markings that scientists use to identify individual pod members. Thanks A. Peth! You can view more of her work – which includes some interesting visual poetry … Read More