Gray Whale Tours Begin in March!

Gray whales will soon slowly start making their migration north (if they haven’t already) from Baja, Mexico to Alaska, but not before a small group of them make a stopover in the waters of Puget Sound to feed on the abundance of ghost shrimp! Once these whales have eaten their fill, they will begin to continue their migration north.

Of the estimated 22,000 gray whales that inhabit the North pacific ocean, we get to have our very own “resident” gray whale population of about 12 animals right here in Puget Sound for a few months! How lucky are we?! They usually start arriving in March and are generally here through late April/early May. This is the time to see gray whales in Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula. 

The one everyone hopes to see is an adult male designated as #53. He has been given the nickname “Patch” because of the large white patch that can be seen on his back. He’s been coming into these waters for at least 25 years in a row now!! That’s dedication! Don’t miss out on seeing the grays that are only here for a short time and book your trip now!

Photo by Janine Harles: Gray whales have a very mottled skin pigmentation that is mostly gray, as shown here. The mottled pattern on their skin is how we and scientists can tell them apart.

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