Comfortable Boats

Puget Sound Express runs comfortable boats that are a pleasure to ride. For our Port Townsend-to-San Juan Island Tour we take the larger Glacier Spirit. For our Four Hour Whale Watching trip we take the smaller and speedier Olympus. Both boats offer indoor and outdoor viewing and hydrophones. The Glacier Spirit is considered by many in the Pacific Northwest, the most beautiful and comfortable boat in the whale watch fleet. Passengers love the comfort of the seating, and the large viewing windows. There is a snack bar, along with a full galley, two restrooms, and outside viewing decks around the entire cabin. One of the more interesting things that we have aboard is a hydrophone. This is an underwater microphone that hears the orca whales talking. We pipe this over the public address system so everyone can hear the chatter. Glacier Spirit has been in service since 1996.

The Olympus is our “Mustang.” Where Glacier Spirit, is stately and relaxed, Olympus gets with the program and gets you back. Able to cruise at 28 mph, Olympus can travel far and wide to find the orca whales. Like the Glacier Spirit, Olympus, has excellent, airplane-style seating, large viewing windows, a snack bar, and restroom. There is also a hydrophone on board so that everyone can hear the orca whales vocalizing.