Two Ships Passing…

Yesterday, our Friday Harbor ferry boat Glacier Spirit met up with our whale watching boat Olympus near Haro Strait off of San Juan Island. Always a treat when we can say hello to one another. The blue skies and calm seas are what we have been gifted with so far this summer. One of the best boating seasons in recent … Read More

Whale Watching Report for 7/22/09: K-Pod

Weather continues to be fantastic. We had a great day spending some time with two whales on the west side of San Juan Island; Cappuccino and his mother Raggedy. These orca whales are both members of K-Pod, and they were traveling northbound up Haro Strait, right in front of the Center for Whale Research. A beautiful day.

2009: An Epic Summer

We are truly in the midst of an epic summer here in Port Townsend. The weather has been terrific all season (today we’ll reach the 80s with no clouds as far the eye can see), and our ferry and whale watching customers are having excellent trips. Between the weather, calm seas, and multiple superpod gatherings of orcas – it is … Read More

Zy brings fresh coffeecake to the boat

Zy brings fresh coffeecake to the boatOriginally uploaded by psexpress A special treat on our Friday Harbor ferry runs, as well as our whale watching excursions, is freshly-baked coffee cake. It doesn’t seem to matter if the weather is hot or cool – we never return to homeport with leftover coffee cake. Here, Zy makes the dash from the office … Read More

Whale Watching Report for 7/15/09: Superpod

Captain Pete Hanke discusses another sighting of an orca superpod in Puget Sound. This time, enhanced by the magic and mist of fog. Listen to Pete’s Audio Report (114 KB)