2017 Gray Whale Tours Begin March 11

Gray Whale season is almost here! We start guaranteed gray whale watching tours on March 11 from our Port Townsend & Edmonds locations.

Each spring, majestic gray whales migrate from the southern waters of Baja, Mexico north to Alaska. In March and April they pass through the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Puget Sound, providing an excellent opportunity to visit and learn about these whales.

  • Port Townsend-based tours run 4 hours, and depart daily at 10am.
  • Edmonds-based tours run 2 hours, and depart daily at 10am and 1pm.

Two of the most recognizable gray whales we see are named “Patches” and “Dubknuck.” Patches had a run-in last year with some transient orcas, which he was lucky to escape from. Transient orcas – as opposed to our Southern Resident orcas (which feed mostly on salmon) – eat pretty much anything. So it was a tense few hours out on the water while we watched the chase. Ultimately, Patches escaped – but that is life among whales in the wild!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to see one of nature’s most majestic marine mammals!