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26th Year of Orca Whale Watching Underway

By Admin in Latest News

We’ve had a great spring season of gray whale watching here in Puget Sound. Not only did we see grays on most every trip, we also had some incredible encounters with humpback whales – a real treat for our customers.

We’ve put our official gray whale tours to bed for the season, and are now focusing our whale watching cruises on orcas. These amazing creatures – also known as killer whales – are exciting to watch as they travel, feed and play in groups called ‘pods.’ We have two ‘resident’ pods here in Puget Sound and both our full-day tour to San Juan Island (Friday Harbor) and our 4-hour whale watching tour see them.

We hope you can join us – and if you haven’t yet, please “like” our new Facebook page and share photos of your trip!


Gray Whales Seen on All Trips from Port Townsend

By pete in Latest News

Sea Lions - photo by Patrick TegliaDuring the month of March, PS Express saw gray whales on 100% of the trips and on one trip came across a group of transient orca.  In addition to gray whales we have also been seeing california and steller sea lions along the way.  The gray whale trips in Puget Sound will continue throughout the month of April.   See video of Steller sea lions located on Craven Rock near Marrowstone Island


Make Plans Now for 2011 Whale Watching Season

By Admin in Latest News

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it has been a gray and wet winter.  As the days get longer, however, we are keeping our eyes on sunny days ahead. We know that many of you use the winter to plan your summer vacations and trips.

If you are looking for an exciting whale watching adventure, we hope you’ll consider joining us in 2011. We offer half day and full day whale watching cruises, where we see Orcas (a.k.a. “Killer Whales”), as well as Minke Whales, Sea Lions, and a wide array of other marine wildlife.

Stay tuned for more information on the rest of our 2011 schedule, including our Spring Gray Whale trips, Protection Island Cruises, Audubon Society Cruises, Christmas Cruises and more!


2010 Summer Whale Watching Wrapping Up

By Admin in Latest News

This is the final week for regularly-scheduled ferry service between Port Townsend and Friday Harbor/San Juan Island. From here on out, the weather gets just a bit too frosty for most folks, and so we focus our energy on special tours and charters.

This final week is usually a great week, however, and our look at the forecast confirms that this will be the case as we wrap things up in 2010. Sunny skies – warm weather – and a LOT of wildlife out on the water right now.

If you have been waiting to get “that last trip” done – this is your time. To help get you in the mood, we want to make sure you check out the photos of Patrick Teglia. He and his family joined our family out on the water a couple of weeks ago, and took some outstanding photos of orcas, sea lions, and a few other special friends found along the way to and from Friday Harbor.

Orca - photo by Patrick Teglia Sea Lions - photo by Patrick Teglia