November 8 K-Pod & L-Pod Encounter

We had a great fall whale watching tour on the Chilkat Express on November 8, 2017. We encountered all of K Pod and part of L Pod (the L54s) south of Seattle traveling in a resting line. Later, we also encountered the T137s as they hunted and fed! Saw a nice big spyhop from the bull, T137A! Video by PSE … Read More

T87 and T100B Pod Playtime

Over the last two weeks we have seen a lot of the T100B pod traveling with T87 in Puget Sound.  These 4 killer whales have been traveling back and forth daily and seem to be finding lots of food to eat along the way.  Here are some photographs from one of the most active encounters we’ve had with them on … Read More

“Two Spot” entertains us yet again!

We have been seeing a lot of one of our favorite humpback whales, “Two Spot”,  lately!  His research ID numbers are CRC16017 , and CS631.  We tend to find him very close to Edmonds in an area between Edmonds, Kingston, Possession Point (Whidbey Island), and Point no Point on the Kitsap Peninsula.  This has been great because all of these … Read More

3 Day Photo Tour – Another Success!

We had another amazing 3 day photo tour from September 19-21.  Photographer/passengers traveled all the way from North Carolina, Colorado, California, and Washington to attend this particular tour, and they ended up seeing a great variety of animals!  Our main goals on these photography tours are to help our passengers learn more about photography, and get them lined up for … Read More

J & L Pods have a Breachfest in Rosario Strait

On September 23 we had a particularly exciting experience with J and L pods in Rosario Strait on all our whale watching trips!  The orcas were breaching over and over again as they swam southward between Cypress Island and Blakely Island!  It was really great to see them appearing to have lots of fun!  Here are a few pictures from … Read More

Transient Orcas Are Everywhere!

There have been so many transient killer whales in Puget Sound this past week that we have had a hard time keeping track of who is where and when! We’ve seen the T101s, T36 with the T36Bs and T37A1, T65As, T137s and T99s, just to name a few. Here are a few selections. Photos by Renee Beitzel.